Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin

A murder mystery was just the break I needed after the intense love story I'd finished reading only days before. I'm partial to reading books set in the historic Deep South. I chalk it up to my desire to know the world during a time I still struggle to understand.

cover to Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter With a glance at the cover and synopsis, the book looked promising, but instead of a whodunnit, I got a who"duh"it. I'm not the girl who figures out what's going on before it happens. The endings tend to surprise me. So as I verged on congratulating myself for my Sherlockian sixth sense, it became apparent that this book was just simply written with a simple plot. That's all. I, unfortunately, retain my complete lack of foretelling.

I wouldn't consider myself bored while reading this book, but I didn't walk away with the urge to recommend it either. It was an okay read to pass the time. The book did leave me with one blaring, burning question, "Where was the suspense?" Tease me, please me, make me work for it. Don't just shove it down my throat. I like a little mystery in my mysteries.