Finding Nemo On Ice

Gear up and enjoy the swim as you follow the familiar characters of Disney's FINDING NEMO in their life-size adventure on ice.

I'm a newbie and this was my first experience with theater on ice. I watched in awe (mouth agape) of the skating, the costumes, the lighting and the music. Even at 29 years old, I'm as familiar with the story of FINDING NEMO as any child (I have quite the soft spot for Disney movies) but I found myself intrigued and charmed yet again with the lives of these funny friends.

The evening started with a meet and greet from Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy. From there you plunge into the story as Nemo is leaving for his first day of school.

Turtles huddle together

(Watching the movie prior to seeing this reenactment would be advised as some parts were skipped or shortened with respect to time and space. Or if you've been sheltering under the coral reef since 2003 and don't know the story of FINDING NEMO, perhaps this on ice duplication will convince you to rent the DVD as this "tail" is one of Disney's elite.)

The fish take a spin around the ice

You're then swept away by flying birds, floating jellyfish, explosions and volcanic fire. Giants enter the oceanic rink as you witness the whale size swallowing of Marlin and Dory and then catch the "totally awesome" EAC with Crush, Squirt and all their hard shelled friends.

Finding Nemo cast take a bow

This on ice presentation is a must see for all, age is irrelevant. (There was even a couple well into their 70s seated in front of me.) Be assured that I left that night with my own souvenir Squirt cup and Nemo hat.

5 out of 5 starfish