Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom

Read this book. That's all the reviewing I need to do.

cover to Have a Little Faith That may seem generic but there has to be a one time exception when you find the book that penetrates to the core and lingers beyond the cover's closure.

I read this book over a year ago and I still struggle with the words to review it justly. I'm cautious to label it the best book I've read as that's a heavy claim to make of any book but I feel it deserves the title. I learned so much about life and spirituality and human kindness. There were chapters that hit so hard that I had to set the book aside while I digested it. I'd never experienced a story that made me consider myself and how I am as often as this.

I refuse to further attempt a review. As always, every try is met with a blank page, the contemplative stare into the distance, a warming in my soul then the release into a smile.

Epiphany! This book isn't something to discuss, it's something to feel. Opening this book is an honest look in the mirror where you keep your mouth closed, your defenses down and your mind open. Sign up for the journey.