Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks' books are like a box of chocolates...

cover to Safe Haven His novels hit on all points of the spectrum. From love story extraordinaire in The Notebook to disappointing dud in The Choice. Though I credit him with more hits than misses.

Safe Haven straddles the fence of decent read and read before.


Ever seen Sleeping With The Enemy? The similarities are obvious and distracting.

If an author is asking me to revisit a used storyline, then I'm requesting at least the courtesy of a twist on the original. An alternate outcome. A new perspective. Some shred of creativity to cling to.

On the whole, I respect Nicholas and praise the majority of his novels but with stories like Safe Haven, I fear his ideas are being fueled by mass production with quality and originality an afterthought.

My advice: Slow down. It's substance over quantity. We don't need another James Patterson.